Thursday, 30 July 2015

Point England Dental Clinic by Troy

On 22nd July, I went to Point England Dental Clinic to see the Dentist. I was feeling little bit anxious about the visit. Katy & Nikhil were there with me. The Lady there, had a very good chat before starting to clean my teeth. It made me really comfortable to go with the process. I had to sit on that special chair for a long time, but my teeth were nice and shining after all. Now I am looking after my teeth very well.


Wednesday, 29 July 2015

My achievements by Julia

I love doing my Study Ladder during my free time.I do this even when I am at home. My goal is to speed up with my additions and subtractions, Reading is bit hard, but I am trying hard. 


Monday, 20 July 2015

My holiday by Kyi Kyaw

My holiday was exciting. It was exciting because I went swimming at Swimarama in Panmure.

In the first week I went to my cousins house and we played on the computer and went shopping.

In the second week I stayed at home with my cousins and we played on the guitar.

The thing I enjoyed doing the most was going swimming because I like swimming.
(Kyi Kyaw wrote this story with a staff member)

My Holiday By Katy

My holiday was fun.   It was fun because I went to Life kids.  
In the first week I went to Life kids and went to  do bowling. Also I went  to  play mini golf. I went to do my haircut for the school.

In the second week I went to Kerikeri  to see the chocolate Factory  with mum and cousins. It was yummy chocolate. I took a part in the annual Tamaki Tenpin Bowling challenge,and come first.

The  thing I enjoyed doing the most was  Taking part in the tenpin bowling challenge. Because I got a red Ribbon.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Cybersmart Blog Comments by EWC 1

We are learning to write positive comments on the blog. We have been practising writing positive comments to compliment each other. In this Google Slide we all collaborated to write a positive comment about each of our classmates.