Thursday, 24 July 2014

My exciting holidays by Michael

During the holidays I went to Australia with my mum and dad. We went to see my nana. after having some time with her, we went to the Gold coast. I had lots of fun, specially in sea world, movie world and dream world. We visited lots of other families live in Austraila. It was a "great trip".

By Michael

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

MY Birthday

In the holidays  it was my 14th Birthday. I had a party on Saturday 12th July. Natasha, Connor,  Mina and Michelle came. Michelle and Thea made me a One Direction cake it was  so" COOL". It was a fun day and I got lots of presents .  

By Monica.

Our new teacher

Here we are back at school. It is a bit different. Because we have got a new teacher Kay Scott. Val, our class teacher is away for the whole term. Our new teacher Kay is good and we all love her.

By Keenen Rasmussen