Thursday, 3 September 2015

Our class Train Trip By Mina

On Wednesday 2nd September we, our class, went to Sylvia Park Mall.
We went to the Panmure railway station to catch the train. We bought our ticket from the counter there.The people who work there was so nice to us. We had a little fun going down along the escalator.Then we got into the train it was a quick ride.  

We walked around the mall but did not buy anything. My favourite shop was the Japanese supermarket. After a few hours we got into the train to come back to school.

I used the machine to buy the return ticket. 

We went to the BK to eat our lunch. It was so fun and I learned lots of things.
( Mina used her thinking keys to write her story.)

Writing plan by Troy

This is my plan for writing. I used thinking keys and pictures to help me with my ideas.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

My First Platinum Certificate By Matthew

This is my first platinum certificate I received from study ladder.
I did lots of Maths but little English. I am still working on my English  reading.

Next Time, I am trying to do more English exercises than Maths ones.

(Matthew wrote this with the help of a staff member)