Monday, 31 August 2015

How to draw cartoon characters by Mina, Katy, Nikhil, Joel and Kyi-Kyaw

We are learning to draw cartoon characters in our class. We thought that its going to be hard to learn, but using a lovely book, our teacher taught us step by step.

Look at us.
We can do it now.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Making Candyfloss in the class By Mina

On Friday last week we made candyfloss. We made this in our class. The first thing we did was, taking the machine out of the box. Then we added a full spoon of sugar. After that, we have to wait a very long time. Then we saw spider webs coming out of the machine. We rolled a stick inside the machine to collect the candyfloss. It was really fun to make it and it was so yummy.                  

Making candy floss By Katy

Last week Friday we  made candy floss in our class. Val brought the  machine to our  class.We use the spoon  to  add sugar in the machine.We were waiting for the white floss coming out of the machine. We rolled stick around the machine  to collect candy floss. we ate our yummy candy floss.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Being Positive by EWC1

We have been learning to write positive comments on the blogs. We have to remember to start with a greeting and the author's name. Then we say something positive about the blog post. 
It is important to be nice and respect other people when we share online. 
Here are some of our positive comments.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Connors fun week with Dad

My fun week with Dad
On Saturday 27 July dad and I   went up North. We had a 6 hour drive It was a long drive. When we got up North we stayed at a motel.   We unpacked our cases then we watched  some TV.  After that we went in the car for a drive the creek. Then we went back to the motel .On Sunday morning I had eggs and bacon for breakfast.  Later on when we went exploring we saw birds. Then  we had  lasagne for and  it was yummy. Later on went in the car to the beach so that we could go for a walk for 2 hours. When we got back we had pork and potatoes  for dinner. I was very tired so I went to bed. On Monday we went swimming, after we had our swim we went  In the car to go for a tramp when we saw birds  and rabbits. That was really fun but made me tired so  we went back to motel for a rest and then we went to the beach where  we got beach we had  chicken salad for lunch. Our next activity was fishing for 2 hours. We had some bites but caught no fish.   After we went fishing we went  back to the motel  and we had dinner. Guess what we had for dinner?  Fish!
On Tuesday   we went tramping and exploring for 3 hours when we got back we had K. F. C  for lunch, it was yummy . later on we watch TV after which we had a walk for 3 hour. We got back just in time to have chicken and wedges for Dinner. I went to bed .
On Wednesday    packed then for  lunch we had pie after that we went back to the motel where  I played soccer and then I had KFC for dinner. I  love K.F.C
On Thursday  I had to wake up at 5.30 am  to get  In a car  ferry to go the top of the  North Island to have lunch. we had chicken salad and corn. We also had some ice -cream was yummy. Then  we went swimming. We returned to the motel spent 2 hours resting. When we woke up it was time for dinner which was a B.B. Q after that we went to bed.
 On Friday we went back home to   Auckland and were excited to see mum ,Eric and Arthur. They were happy to see me I was happy to see them . After that we had a lovely port lunch. It was yummy
 It was   a fun week but It was good to be back home.
By Connor Seven Baker    (edited by Valerie van Niekerk)   

My Shiny Teeth By EWC 1

I have to brush my teeth each morning and night 
because I want them shiny and white.
maybe one day 
the tooth fairy will pay. 

by Nikhil 

I like to Smile wide 
so my mouth has to be clean  inside. 
My teeth are  white 
Because I clean them day and night. 
 I must clean my teeth right
 To keep them bright. 
When you brush
  you should not rush.
By Julia

Shiny Teeth by EWC 1

I clean my teeth every morning and night,
 because I want my teeth to look right. 
It is not good to waste
 expensive   tooth paste. 
I want my teeth to be clean 
so that I will look like a queen 
by Katy   

My teeth are the best you have seen
because every morning I clean
I take a big bite 
with my teeth so white.
By Matthew

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Physio with Orla by Katy

Last week Thursday Orla, our fitness instructor came to visit our class. It was a nice day. We started doing warm ups. Then we stood along a line and started  hopping. We also did jumping and running. Walking along a line was bit hard for me to do. But we all took part in every exercise and had lots of fun.  IMG_0968.JPG

Physio with Orla by Nikhil

Orla’s Visit

On last week Thursday 30 July, Orla came to visit us. It was a sunny day. We all went outside to start our program. We started with warm ups. First thing she wanted us to do was ‘’hopping’’. That was not too bad then we had to jump. It was bit hard but we all had to take part. last thing was walking along a straight line. Some of us needed Orla’s help but I could do it without her help. We all had a good fun.

Learning about Pie graphs by EW1

We are learning about statistics this term.  We use statistics to find information.
Today we wanted to know what our favourite colours were.
We decided on a Pie graph.  Each student and staff were allowed first, second and third choices. 
This is what the end product looked like and it seems Blue was the favourite colour.